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We own several RC Heli's (below) which we demonstrate for organizations, schools and science museums - free of charge.

Ikarus Piccolo Pro - Micro Electric
Ikarus Piccolo Pro - Electric Helicopter
Click for Info, Pic's & Spec's
Quick  Sweet 16 - Full Size Electric
Quick Sweet 16 - Electric Helicopter
Click for Info, Pic's & Spec's
Ikarus  Piccolo Eco V2 - Electric
Ikarus Piccolo Eco V2 - Electric
Click for Info, Pic's & Spec's
Hirobo  XRB Lama - A/C Electric

Hirobo XRB Lama - Electric

Click for Info, Pic's & Spec's

JR  Voyager E - Battery Powered Electric Helicopter
Voyager E - Battery Powered Electric Helicopter
Click for Information, Pictures & Specifications
Align  T-REX 450 Battery Powered Electric Helicopter
T-REX 450 - Battery Powered Electric Helicopter

Click for Information, Pictures & Specifications
Thunder Tiger  Raptor 30 V2 - Gas/Nitro Powered Helicopter
Raptor 30 V2 - Gas/Nitro Powered Helicopter
Click for Information, Pictures & Specifications

Thunder Tiger  Raptor 90 SE - Gas/Nitro Powered Helicopter
Raptor 90 SE - Gas/Nitro Powered Helicopter

Click for Information, Pictures & Specifications

    Because the operation of helicopters involves numerous scientific principals, RC helicopters are a terrific educational tool. They are fun to build, fly and learn from. Most cities have a local RC club where you can get tips from experienced pilots, build on your own skills and make tons of new friends.

Here is our
Raptor 30 V2
Gas/Nitro powered
hovering over a
shopping mall
in South Florida.

Futaba Model 401 Digital Gyro Some of our helicopters
are equipped with the
Futaba #401 Digital Gyro
and the FMA FS8 Co-Pilot
Flight Stabilization System
(shown below)
FMA Direct FS8 Co-Pilot Digital Flight Stabilization System
The FS8 System consists of an Advanced Radio Control Receiver with Digital Signature Recognition, Failsafe Operation Mode, Infrared Flight Stabilization and full Telemetry of the helicopters operations.

Some of our Helicopters are equipped with MS Composit Night Blades.
Night Blades Night Blades in Action
Imbedded into each blade is a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery & two high power LED's. On a full charge, they will last for approx. 1 1/2 hours.

VoltWatch Power Monitoring System

We also use the VoltWatch Power Monitoring System to give us an indication of remaining battery strength on the helicopter's onboard electronics.

JR Model XP8103 Digital Transmitter To control the helicopters,
we use the JR
Model XP 8103
(helicopter version)
Digital Transmitter

It is an 8 channel unit capable
of controlling 10 different
helicopters, planes or gliders.

The 8103 has an advanced, graphic LCD information screen.

We are proud members of the:

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Academy of Model Aeronautics
Click Here for Information

Gold Coast Radio Controllers-Boca Raton, Florida Gold Coast Radio Controllers
Click Here for Information
International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association

  Here are links to other RC Helicopter sites:

JR Radio Control Systems & Servos Thunder Tiger RC-Distributed by Ace Hobby Futaba Radio Control Systems & Servos OS RC Engines
RC Hobbies Large RC Hobby Store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

SouthEast RC RC Hobby Store in Pompano Beach, Florida

Ace Hobby - Mail Order RC Company

QuickWorld Heli's - Manufacturer of Gas & Electric Helicopters

JR - Manufactures Radio Systems, Servos and Helicopters

Futaba - Manufactures Remote Control Radio Systems  & Servo's

Ikarus - Manufactures RC Electric Helicopters

AirScoot - Electric Helicopters

Model Rectifier Corp - Gas Powered Helicopters

FMA Direct - Flight Stabilization & Data, Systems, Receivers

MS Composit - Lighted Night Blades

Heliproz - RC Mail Order Company

Rick's Heli's - RC Mail Order Company

Heli Hobby - RC Mail Order Company & Heli Forum

Century RC Products - Gas & Electric Heli's, Parts & Supplies

MTA Hobbies - RC Mail Order Company

Hobbico - RC Helicopter & Airplane Products

AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics

Rotary Magazine - The Largest Helicopter Publication

Curtis Youngblood - America's Leading Authority on RC Helicopters

Run Ryder - Large Online RC Helicopter Forum

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