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How to write to an Astronaut

     Autograph requests for astronauts assigned to
upcoming flights or currently in training, can be mailed care of:

Name of Astronaut
Astronaut Office Mail Code CB
2101 NASA Road 1
Houston, Texas 77058-3696

You can also Click Here for a complete list of Astronaut Biographies.

    Many of the Mercury through Skylab astronauts still answer autograph requests through the mail. The following list (organized by flight order) identifies which do, the preferred address to write to, and whether they now charge a fee.

Unless otherwise stipulated, you must provide your own item to be autographed and sufficient postage (usually a self-addressed stamped envelope) for its return.


John Glenn (MA-6, STS-95) John Glenn
c\o Ohio State University
205 Brinker Hall
190 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210-1357

notes: Signs for free, inscribes using computer.

Scott Carpenter (MA-7) Scott Carpenter

Walter Schirra (MA-8, GT-6, AS-7) Walter Schirra
Currently does not sign through the mail.

Gordon Cooper (MA-9, GT-5) Gordon Cooper
Currently does not sign through the mail.

John Young (GT-3,10, AS-10,16, STS-1,9) John Young
Astronaut Office Mail Code CB
2101 NASA Road 1
Houston, Texas 77058-3696

notes: Signs for free, limited to current portrait only (he will provide).

James Lovell (GT-7,12, AS-8,13) James Lovell
James Lovell no longer signs.

notes: As of October 1, 2003, no longer accepts requests; may
periodically still sign for a fee through NovaSpace Galleries.

Thomas Stafford (GT-6,9, AS-10, ASTP) Thomas Stafford
c/o The Space Source
P.O. Box 604
Glenn Dale, MD 20769

notes: Represented exclusively by dealer; inquire per
fee and shipping instructions; do not send items first.

David Scott (GT-8, AS-9,15) David Scott

notes: Signs for a fee through Aurora Galleries International.

Eugene Cernan (GT-9, AS-10,17) Eugene Cernan
P.O. Box 19809
Houston, TX 77224-4809

notes: $100.00 for unsigned items; $200.00 for multi-autographed
pieces; does not sign covers; payable to "With A Purpose".

Richard Gordon (GT-11, AS-12) Richard Gordon
65 Woodside Drive
Prescott, AZ 86305

notes: $25 per autograph; payable to "Richard Gordon".

Buzz Aldrin (GT-12, AS-11) Buzz Aldrin
c/o Assante
10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90024

notes: $250.00 for his autograph and "Apollo XI" designation on
previously unsigned items; $500.00 for items already autographed by
others; $20 per word for additional inscriptions; does not sign
philatelic items or baseballs; payable to: "Buzz Aldrin".

Walter Cunningham (AS-7) Walter Cunningham
2425 W Loop Road South #200
Houston, TX 77027

notes: $25 per autograph; inscriptions up to 10 words add $10.00

Alan Bean (AS-12, SL-3) Alan Bean
9173 Briar Forest
Houston, TX 77024

notes: $40.00 per photograph or thin flat item not exceeding 8x10;
$50.00 per photograph or thin flat item exceeding 8x10; $50 per
cancelled check supplied by Bean; $55.00 per photograph supplied by
Bean; $65.00 per book, baseball, moon globe or any other 3 dimentional
object; $70.00 per postal cover or trading card; $125.00 per betacloth
patch or name tag; outside the USA: add $20 to total; payable to: "Alan

Edgar Mitchell (AS-14) Edgar Mitchell
P.O. Box 540037
Lake Worth, FL 33454-0037

notes: $35.00 per autograph; inscription (other than your name) add
$5.00 per ten words; payable to "Edgar Mitchell"

Charles Duke (AS-16) Charles Duke
P.O. Box 310341
New Braunfels, TX 78131

notes: $40.00 per autograph; he will provide a photograph for an
additional $5.00 (for a NASA 16"x20" Kodak photograph add $115);
payable to: "Charles Duke".

Harrison Schmitt (AS-17) Harrison Schmitt
No longer signs items.

Paul Weitz (SL-2, STS-6) Paul Weitz
3086 N. Tam O'Shanter Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

notes: $30 per autograph; payable to: "Paul Weitz".

Joseph Kerwin (SL-2) Joseph Kerwin
c/o Wyle Laboratories
1290 Hercules Drive #120
Houston, TX 77058-2787

notes Signs for free, only one item per person.

Jack Lousma (SL-3, STS-3) Jack Lousma
2722 Roseland Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-2137

notes: $25 per autograph up to 3 items; 4 for $75; 5 for $90;
$15 per autograph for 6 items or more; payable to "Jack Lousma"

Owen Garriott (SL-3, STS-9) Owen Garriott
No longer signs items.

notes: Signs for free.

Gerald Carr (SL-4) Gerald Carr
c/o CAMUS Inc.
P.O. Box 919
Huntsville, AR 72740-0919

notes: $20.00 per autograph; payable to "Gerald Carr".

William Pogue (SL-4) William Pogue
4 Cromer Drive
Bella Vista, AR 72715-5318

notes: $20.00 per autograph; payable to "William Pogue".

Edward Gibson (SL-4) Edward Gibson
744 E. Greenbrier Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

notes: $20.00 per autograph; payable to "Edward Gibson".

Vance Brand (ASTP, STS-5,41B,35) Vance Brand
c/o NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
P.O. Box 273
Edwards AFB, CA 93523-0373

notes: Signs for free.

The above information was reproduced in-part from

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