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Science Center Opening Spring 2006

    The Wayne Barton Study Center enhances the health, welfare and education of children in need in our community. The Study Center is intended to fill those needs which are not being met through the home or school. 
   The center is a broad based institution which draws its support from a community united to support our youth and offers a safe haven for pre-teens and teens. The goal is to reduce drug usage, teenage crime, school dropout rate, and teenage pregnancy. The center offers daily educational development, food, and sports activities. Priorities are focused on improving grade point averages, acquiring a high school diploma, a college degree, improving attendance and decreasing suspensions. To this end, the center emphasizes academic development, counseling and nutritional needs, study skills, living skills, citizenship in a multicultural society and recreational activities.
Meet Wayne Barton

The Wayne Barton Study Center provides numerous services to the local community including:

  • Since 1991 nearly 800 children have gone to summer camp in North Carolina and Maine as a result of hard work in school and clean living with the help of the Barton program.
  • In the last nine years Bartonís Boosters have served Thanksgiving turkeys and food baskets to more than 4000 people per year.
  • Over 800 kids a year for the last ten years have received Christmas gifts donated to Bartonís Boosters.
  • Over 300 adults have been hired as a result of Job Fairs coordinated by Wayne Barton and Bartonís Boosters.
  • More than 90 school-aged kids rely daily upon the Wayne Barton Study Center to better themselves and enrich their lives.
  • There are 68 kids in college now as a result of the Wayne Barton Study Center. In addition there are 12 students that will be attending a post secondary school this year.

The Wayne Barton Study Center is located at:
269 NE 14th Street, Boca Raton, Florida

   High-Tech Productions/ is proud to be able to further enrich the Barton Study Center by donating 100's of educational video tapes, CD's, DVD's, insect & butterfly display's, space exploration exhibits, and many other science related items. We have also given them a 22 foot power boat equipped with digital sonar and a VHF marine radio so they can now offer swimming & SCUBA diving lessons and be able to go on aquatic science explorations. 

Here is the 22 foot power boat we donated to the Wayne Barton Study Center so they can now offer free swimming & SCUBA diving lessons and be able to go on aquatic science explorations.

Here are some of the other items we have provided:

Geiger Counters Digital Electronic TelescopesDigital Electronic Telescopes     
Geiger Counters Digital Electronic Telescopes

Asian Painted Bat Display
Asian Painted Bat Display

Living Ant Colony Display Rock, Mineral & Fossil Collections
Living Ant Colony Display Rock, Mineral & Fossil Collections

Butterfly Displays Insect Displays
Butterfly Displays Insect Displays

What Time Is It?     It's 12:39
Thought Provoking Digital Clock
Thought Provoking Clock Real Russian SOKOL Space Glove

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Ronald McDonald House
TAG (Together Against Gangs)
The March Of Dimes
The March of Dimes
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This web site is intended for educational purposes & to
further enhance the learning experience for kids of all ages.

Our purpose is to bring new technologies to the youth of America
and to promote science and space research & education.

There is never an admission fee or cover charge
nor do do we sell any products or services.

The Science Centers are donated by High-Tech Productions,
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Our All-Electric Vehicles and Space Artifacts are loaned out and
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