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2016  HighTechScience.org
Holiday  Light  Show
Nov. 24
Dec. 31

Over 25,000 Computer Controlled Lights & Special Effects

Plus Snow
Lasers Animated
Santa Holiday

Come see a fully computerized Sound, Light & Laser Show
where every bulb is perfectly choreographed to the music
and there is a
Snow Storm every few minutes
. (See Below)

When you arrive, listen from the comfort of your own car.
Just tune your vehicles FM radio to
107.3 to hear the show.

All  Donations
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Meet Santa on Christmas Eve starting at 7pm
Free Candy Canes & Egg Nog for Everyone

Bring your cameras!

Here are some of the songs in this years show:
Jingle Bells Wizards in Winter
Carol of the Bells Frosty the Snowman
Happy Hanukah To You Winter Wonderland
Reflections  of  the  Earth The  Dreidel  Song
It's a Holly Jolly Christmas March of the Wooden Soldier
Theme from Peanuts Linus & Lucy Santa Claus is Coming to Town
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas
Overture from Miracle on 42nd Street It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Sound & Light Show runs for approx. 70 minutes and then repeats until 11pm.


Every night from 6pm - 10pm
Thanksgiving Night till New Year's Eve


699 NW 9th Avenue, Boca Raton
(Corner of 9th Ave & 7th Street)


Absolutely FREE for Everyone

For info call 561-750-7000
Please E-Mail us and let us know what you think of our show. We'll keep you posted what we're doing next.

* Make sure to Bring your Video Camera *

From I95, exit at Palmetto Park Road, go East approx. 1 mile. Turn left (North) onto 9th Ave. (it also says "Cardinal Ave.") go 6-7 blocks and your there.

100% of donations will benefit the
 Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Southern Florida

PLEASE READ:  While watching the show, please stay in your vehicle and pull your car safely to the side of the road. Turn off your driving lights but keep your Parking Lights ON. We don't want any mishaps. Also, please respect the neighbors and others watching the show. Don't blow your horns, yell or make a lot of noise during and/or after the performance and please keep an eye on your kids. Also, we love pets, but there are small children at the shows. Please don't bring large dogs.
                                     Thanks,  Enjoy  and  Have  a  Safe  &  Happy  Holiday.

Here are a few pictures from previous years
This is in South Florida and the snow is all made by us.
Back to the Future on Christmas Eve 2013
Our Santa in the "Back to the Future" DeLorean on XMas Eve 2013
Council Member Constance Scott with Santa on XMas Eve 2011
Council Member Constance Scott with Santa on XMas Eve 2011

It snows every night at our Holiday Show
The Doral Middle School Choir on XMas Eve 2011
The Doral Middle School Choir at our 2011 Holiday Show in Boca Raton, FL
2015 Holiday Show featuring an xcalibur car
We had this authentic Xcalibur Vehicle at our 2015 Holiday Show

Our 20 foot high Santa behind giant Candy Canes

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It Snows Everynight At Our Holiday Show

These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve 2009 & 2010
with our
"Elf" who gave out Candy Canes to everyone.


County Commissionor Steve Abrams and Family on Christmas Eve
Palm Beach County Commissioner Steve Abrams with our Elf on Christmas Eve 2010         

We had several donation boxes at the shows and a hot chocolate stand operated by three local
fourth grade girls. All of the money collected was presented to the "Make A Wish" Foundation of
South Florida on Christmas Eve.   Below are some pictures from the presentation.

Rick Newman presents check to "Make A Wish" Foundation

County Commissioner Steve Abrams (left) with us on XMas Eve  

The "Hot Chocolate Girls" proudly display their "Make A Wish" certificates

Lauren Englander, the founding "Hot Chocolate" girl.

Madison Bearden, another "Hot Chocolate Girl"

Lauren Wulf, the third "Hot Chocolate Girl" of 2010

Commissioner Abrams with the "Hot Chocolate Girls" 

The Hot Chocolate Girls of 2010
From left to right - Madison Bearden, Rachel Englander and Lauren Wulf

This certificate was awarded to us last Christmas Eve


About the Display:

Special Effects

   There are several special effects units incorporated into the show.

 For Snow  we use what's known as "Evaporative Snow" shooting from a modified snow making system. It can be set to dissipate before it hits the ground or to accumulate and then evaporates on it's own. It is 99% water based and completely safe, non-toxic and completely bio-degradable. It does not harm the environment or leave any stains. The snow is only produced on nights with relatively calm winds between 6-11pm.

   We also use weatherproof special effects units which simulates the look of falling snow by using LED's and a special snow pattern. 

   The Talking Santa Head is done with 3 channels/circuits of mini lights which are programmed to make Santa's mouth appear to talk & sing in sync with the audio.

   The Bow & Bells mounted on the building are 3 separate circuits programmed to give the illusion of bells  ringing.

   The Marching Soldiers are controlled by a separate 2 channel flip/flop circuit which gives the effect that they are walking. The marching controller is in turn run from the Light-O-Rama unit which tells the controller when to do it's thing.

   The Large Oak Tree in the middle has approx. 1000 feet of weatherproof rope lights that are split/wired into 16 branches/circuits. There are also 6 sets of digitally controlled icicles which look like water dripping / snow falling.

   The 2 Animated Arches on either side of the oak tree are each 10 feet long with 8 circuits apiece/16 circuits together.

   The show also includes a weatherproof 110 volt red rotating light and several mini strobes.


   We use a red scanning laser system programmed with a holiday themed light show which is projected onto the building. From Thanksgiving until Christmas day the laser show is about the holidays. From December 26 till January 2nd the laser has a New Year's theme. The laser is mounted inside a custom made weatherproof case.

Main Control System

   The entire sound & light show is controlled using a 16 channel Light-O-Rama Show Director and 4 additional 16 channel add-on units for a total of 80 computer controlled circuits.


  The programming done by us makes the lights, snow and other effects turn on & off in sync to the music. It is done on a computer in 1/20th of a second intervals for each song. This allows precise timing and choreography of the show. The data is then saved on a SD Card for later loading into the Light-O-Rama control system.

Show Times

   At the pre-programmed time (6pm), the Light-O-Rama Show Director automatically starts the show and the whole display runs by itself until the pre-set off time which currently is set for 11pm.


    The audio portion of the show is recorded as MP3 files. In order to properly hear the sound there are two independent playback sources. One is a professional quality amplifier connected to weatherproof outdoor speakers. The amp is plugged into a simple AC timer which turns the unit on & off when needed.  This system allows passerby's the opportunity to hear the show as they walk past the display.

   The second audio source is a low power FM transmitter. This broadcasts the audio portion of the show in high quality sound to approx. a 1500 foot radius so everyone in the area can hear the show tunes through their car radios.

    So we don't annoy our neighbors, the entire system is programmed to shut down at 11:00 pm. There are also motion sensors that automatically turns off the outdoor speakers when no one is at the show for more than a few minutes.

How it Works

   The music files and computer commands for the show are placed onto a SD flash memory card and loaded into the Show Director  along with the start and stop times of the show. At the pre-programmed time, the lights, lasers and special effects come on, the music starts, the audio amp and FM transmitter turn on and the whole thing runs itself night after night without any human interaction. The only thing we have to do is refill the snow machine with fluid every few days.

Type of Lights

   There are many different types of lights used in the show. Rope lights (also known as tube lights) are used throughout the display. The ones we use have bulbs spaced every inch which produces a very even light. There are also numerous display items which use LED's. These are very low power consuming and last for many years. We also use some low wattage mini incandescent lights on a few of the items. 


   Although most people think it costs a small fortune, because of the use of low power consuming LED's and the fact that the lights are really in an off state most of the time, the system actually uses very little electricity to run. Even though we are using over 25,000 bulbs and special effects in the show, together with the recent cool weather our electric bill has actually gone down slightly.


   The entire system is monitored 24 hours a day by numerous high resolution day & night vision video cameras, motion sensors and other electronic devices. 

Why We Do This

   The economy is down, people are out of work, and it's the holiday season. Why not cheer people up and put some smiles on kids faces. We do these shows because of years of experience producing large scale ones. We do this because we care about the community and our neighbors. We do this because we love kids.  We do this because it feels good to do nice things for others. We do this as an inspiration for others to do the same or more.

Who Put it Together

    The entire show was designed, programmed and installed by Rick Newman of  HighTechScience.org & High-TechProductions.com

For more info call 561-750-7000 or send us an E-Mail and let us know what you think of the show.

Here are some (low-resolution) video's of our past Holiday Sound & Light Shows

Carol of the Bells

Jingle Bells

Happy Hanukah To You

Our Outdoor Musical Holiday Laser Show


Reflections of the Earth

March of the Wooden Soldier

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Here are some e-mails & letters that we have received on our display.

   Well Rick, I have to officially say….”you are too much”. Thank you for continually providing an energy and inspiration to help me focus on becoming better and better as a person. I really love to see what you do and I hope I can be a part of it someday in the near future. Merry Christmas to you and your wife.

Derek M.

   We enjoyed your display last night and what you are doing for the community. We are visiting from North Carolina and were amazed at your skill and charity. 
Thanks again for a great experience,
Dear Mr. Newman,

   I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful holiday light show. My daughter and I enjoyed it immensely! You have definitely  provided us with one of the highlights of our holiday season. I'm sure you have inspired her and who knows maybe she'll try a little harder in her science lessons. I had no idea I had such a brilliant neighbor! Many thanks and I wish you the very best the holiday season has to offer. Happy New Year.


   I just wanted to tell you that we stopped by on Christmas Eve for one of your loops and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks for helping to get us into the spirit, all the while piquing our technical side!

Mike G.
Technical Director

   I saw your holiday display and ever since then I come every night with my kids. They just can't get enough of it. Thank you again for doing this and have a wonderful holiday.

Kathy L.


   You have outdone yourself. The Xmas lights are fantastic. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. I can't wait till next year to see what you come up with. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Susan T. 

Mr. Newman,

   I have seen a lot of holiday light shows but none come close to yours. My kids love it and even my parents think it was nice. That say's a lot. I can't believe how well you were able to coordinate the lights with the music. PLEASE do this again next year.

John S.

Dear Neighbor,

   I've watched your holiday 2008 light show several times and appreciated the creativity it represents as well as recognizing more than one religious holiday. Thank you for your unique contribution to our neighborhood.

Marc H.


    Thank you so much for not only setting up a fantastic sound and light show but for taking the time to explain how it works to my kids. Since then it's all they talk about.  Have a great holiday.

Stacy L

   Over time I have watched some of the things you do at your house and am always fascinated, but your light show is one of your best creations. THANK YOU for doing this and thank you for letting my kids pose with your robots.

Karen Y. 

Hey Rick,

   I drove over to see your display and I was amazed!! Your display is way better than mine! lol 

Merry Christmas,
Joe T.
   I just wanted you to know that my boyfriend and I caught your show on its last night.  It was wonderful and we really want to express our appreciation of all your work for everyone to enjoy. You certainly spread the Christmas spirit!
Thank you!

Ellen Burr

The Christmas show is designed by Rick Newman of:
HighTechScience.org & High-TechProductions.com

For more info call 561-750-7000 or send us an E-Mail.  
We would  love to hear from you and tell us what you think of our show.
We'll also send you updates to let you know what we're doing next.

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