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World's First Production Model Electric Car
on display at the:  High-Tech Science & Technology Centers

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Our 1980


Yellow Electric Car owned by High-Tech  Yellow Electric Car owned by High-Tech  Yellow Electric Car owned by High-Tech

This car, originally made in 1980, is now equipped with a high resolution color video system, computerized alarm system, several high powered strobes, electronically controlled underbody neon & LED lighting, dual red laser light units and a high powered computer controlled green laser, remotely operated self contained smoke & fogging system, computerized multi-color LED graphic electronic sign, interior color changing neon system and a high powered digital self-contained music and wireless public address system with  AM / FM / CD / MP3  playback.

 All electronic components were installed by  High-Tech Productions.

We installed these items to show just how much can be done
with alternative energy sources and WITHOUT using a gasoline engine.

It was also done to attract the maximum attention
of kids of all ages and use the car as a learning tool.

The above yellow car was displayed & featured at:

2001 Home & Lifestyle Show

The 2002 Best of Boca Show

Science Fest 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Science Fest 2004
& the Dept of Energy's
Clean Cities Expo
in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Click Here for Pictures & Info

Science Fest 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

One of our electric cars on display at the Department of Energy's Clean Cities Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We owned several of these cars and had them all on display.

They can go approx. 50 miles at speeds up to 40 MPH.

They were made from 1974-76 by the Vanguard car company in Sebring,  FL.

They use 8 Trojan six volt lead-acid batteries that recharge in 6 hours from a regular 110 volt house outlet.

Four batteries are stored under the driver/passenger seat, four are located behind the front bumper.

It costs about a penny a mile to operate the car or thirty to forty cents to completely recharge after a days use.

It's heavy duty General Electric (GE) electric motor operates at 48 volts and can produce up to 6 HP.

It has drum brakes on all 4 wheels and weighs approx. 1350 lbs. with all the batteries, (850 lbs w/o batteries).

It has steel belted radial tires which are size 4.80 X 12

There were only approx. 2000 of these cars built.

The price of these cars when new was approx. $3500.00

Front View of Electric Car

Side View of Electric Car

Side View of Electric Car

Front view of Electric Car

Side view of Electric Car

We donated the red car to Camp Seminole Science Center in Florida.
Click Here for Info.

This white electric car is on
display at our Daniel Boone
Science Center in Canton, NC

Click Here for Info.

Click Here to see our yellow Citicar on display at

Science Fest 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Science Fest 2004
& the Dept of Energy's
Clean Cities Expo
in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Click Here for Pictures & Info

Science Fest 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  "Most Popular Electric Car Ever Produced"
based on the Frank Didik article of 1993.  

   Approximately 2,000 of these small, wedge-fronted 2-seaters were built in Sebring, Florida from late 1974 till early 1976 by the Sebring-Vanguard Company. They were ultimately marketed under two names, "Citicar'" & Comuta-Car". There was also a very limited edition Postal Van which was a few feet longer and had a sliding side door. 

   They were powered by a General Electric motor drawing energy from eight 6-volt lead-acid,  golf-cart type batteries and controlled by contactors and large resistors. The early models did not have a solid state full range controller so they had a jerky 3 speeds. The original models had large relays to configure three different voltages and basically deliver 3 speeds. The low speed operates at approx 12 volts, middle speed 24 volts and high speed uses all 8 batteries wired in series yielding 48 volts. The motor is mounted directly to the differential and there is no transmission. The vehicle weighs in at 850 pounds without batteries or about 1,350 pounds with the 8 batteries installed. The vehicle boasted a reliable range of 40-50 miles in warm weather and had a top speed in excess of 35 mph. The car made a brief appearance in the science fiction movie THX-1138 starring Robert Duvall. The entire car is built of ABS plastic which meant the bodies were not subject to rust or corrosion.

   The cars came with three different wheel and tire combinations, 480 X 12, 125/80R12, and 135/80R13. The original Citicar's came with 480 X 12 trailer tires and 4-inch wide wheels. Later versions of the Citicar's and some Comuta-car's came with the 125/80R12 tires. Late model Comuta-cars came with 135/80R13 tires and 4.5-inch wide wheels.

   The original company that produced them went bankrupt in 1977. The remaining inventory, parts and designs were sold at auction to a mobile home manufacturer from New Jersey.  He purchased most of the company in-tact but did not purchase the original "Citicar" name. In 1978 he attempted to build a new version of the car using both new and existing parts. Since there was a shortage of the older GE 3.8HP motors and car axles, he incorporated a higher 5HP GE motor and also made several electrical improvements.

   By this time, people were no longer interested in fuel economy and sales were very sluggish. The final death blow for the company occurred when the National Transportation Safety Board increased the safety requirements for all passenger vehicles. They now required better bumpers, and impact resistance from other cars. Since the original Citicar's were made mostly from plastic, they could not conform to the new safety standards. The company continued to sell used parts and a few vehicles for non-road uses such as airports and warehouses for several more years.

   Our yellow car has been modified by installing several electronic components as well as a separate 12 volt gel-cell, deep discharge battery for the onboard electronics. We also added an onboard automatic charging unit so the lights, strobes, lasers, video and sound system can be operated while on display at various venues.

Our Electric Vehicles Have Been On TV - Click for Info

Here is the cover from the original
owners manual from one of our cars.
Click Here for the Complete Comuta-car Manual

Click Here for the complete owners manual

Below are some original brochures & ads for our cars

Below is an original wiring diagram

Original Specifications

Length 95"
Width 55"
Wheelbase 63"
Height 58"
Front Track 43"
Rear Track 44"
Clearance 5 1/2"
Weight 1250 Lbs
Rear Storage 12 cubic feet
Tires 12 inch, 2 ply rated
Recommended Tire Pressure 32 psi
Speed 35-38 mph cruising
Range up to 50 miles
Acceleration 0 to 25 - 6.2 secs
0 to 35 - 19 secs
Turning Circle 22 ft
Motor Series wound DC 36v 6.5 HP
Power Source eight 6-volt batteries
Transaxle direct gear drive
Suspension leaf springs, front & rear
four wheel shock absorbers
Body impact resistant Cycolac (ABS)
rust and corrosion proof
Frame rectangular aluminum chassis
tubular aluminum body support
Brakes four wheel - hydraulic

Some of our cars were provided by Florida Atlantic University Engineering
and are on display at several of our Science & Technology Centers.

Science Fest 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our yellow Electric Car was displayed
at the Department of Energy's
Science Fest 2004
held at the
Broward County Convention Center
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Click Here for Info

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This web site is intended for educational purposes & to
further enhance the learning experience for kids of all ages.

Our purpose is to bring new technologies to the youth of America
and to promote science and space research & education.

There is never an admission fee or cover charge
nor do do we sell any products or services.

The Science Centers are donated by High-Tech Productions,
a privately owned company located in Florida.

Our All-Electric Vehicles have been loaned out to schools,
museums and science symposiums
Free of Charge