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The Science Center is located within the Pembroke Pines
Charter Middle School
which is in Broward County, S. Florida.

    Several of the classes at the school worked on an experiment that was on board the NASA space shuttle Columbia which was destroyed during re-entry on February 1, 2003. The project was to compare crystal growth in microgravity to that on Earth.
   The experiment was headed by Pembroke Pines science teacher Barry Perlman. Scientists speculate such research one day could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry by helping to grow purer drugs in space at a faster rate.

 Under the direction of Mr. Perlman, several classes of seventh-graders were directly involved with the NASA experiment. 

    The students organized the materials, conducted control experiments in their classrooms and then ultimately were to compare the results after the flight and form a final conclusion.
High-Tech Productions helped underwrite some of the costs associated with getting the project aboard the Columbia.
Click Here for Info & Pictures on the Experiment
  Of course, because of the tragic events on Feb 1, it was originally thought that the experiment was lost along with the Space Shuttle Columbia and her brave crew. 

Experiment Found
    The Pembroke Pines experiment was found by a search team in Texas and the container holding the experiment was in very good condition. NASA officially released it and the project was returned to the school for analysis by Mr. Perlman's science classes.

Click Here for Info & Pictures on the Experiment     Mr. Perlman, who attended the January shuttle launch, made the emotional visit back to Cape Canaveral along with the owners of ITA, Inc. & Space Outreach.  Instrumentation Technology Associates personnel opened the box and Barry Perlman retrieved the experiment for evaluation.
    "We will attempt to finish the experiment begun in space by astronaut Kalpana Chowla," said Perlman. "We will be retrieving samples from one of the few surviving experiments on board Columbia. It is hoped that we can honor the astronauts who gave their lives doing our experiment by finishing their work and obtaining meaningful scientific information from their efforts." Perlman continued.
Click Here for Updates & More Pictures on the Experiment.

School Launches Rocket
   On August 28th, 2004, the students of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School, together with science teacher Barry Perlman, launched a one of a kind rocket in West Palm Beach. It was the largest model rocket ever launched in South Florida history and carried several class experiments onboard.
Click Here for more information. 

    One of the purposes of the High-Tech Science & Technology Centers is to help the students further their science & space exploration ambitions. We do this by obtaining many educational items such as NASA CD's, DVD's, video tapes and other space related displays and exhibits and make them readily available to the school system.

Click Here for more info on the Pembroke Pines Charter School

Current Weather Conditions in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Current Conditions

Click Here for Conditions at the Sci-Center Headquarters

High-Tech Productions is sponsoring Science Centers
at schools & Scout camps around the nation and equipping them with TV/VCR's, computers, educational CD-ROM's & DVD's, electronic telescopes, weather forecasting instruments, multi-media equipment, space exploration displays and other science & nature related items and exhibits.

High-Tech Productions
is proud to help
bring science & technology to kids of all ages.

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High-Tech Productions supports many organizations.
We make ongoing donations of funding and materials to:
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Boca Raton Children's Museum
Save The Children Foundation Ronald McDonald House
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TAG (Together Against Gangs)
The March Of Dimes
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Our purpose is to bring new technologies to the youth of America
and to promote science and space research & education.

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we are not directly affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.

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