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    Richard Newman is well known and respected in the science field who is credited, in part, with having the Largest Robot Collection in the World, opening 22 Science & Technology Centers at schools, scout camps, science museums and study centers across the country, judging various science fairs and served on the Board of Directors of a large Science Museum in Florida. He has received numerous awards and honors from such established and respected organizations as NASA and the American Institute of the City of New York. He co-hosted a nationally broadcast science show called “Earth Lab” and has been featured in over 200 newspapers, magazines, movies and television programs around the world for his accomplishments as well as the exhibiting of his collections of international space items, robots and electric vehicles. He is currently on the Board of Directors of "Science-A-Peel" and is also a member of numerous science associations and organizations. 

The information below is a rough timeline of Richard Newman, founder Many of the events overlap from one to the other and are listed in approximate chronological order.

2nd grade
1st Place Winner Public School Science Fair for Building a Binary Computer.
3-12 grade 1st Place Winner in all School Science Fairs.
10 grade 1st Place Winner New York City-wide Science Fair.
1st Place Winner New York State-wide Science Fair.
11th grade Jr. Co-host: "Earth Lab" science show on WBZ-TV NBC affiliate in Boston, MA
1969 Den Chief for Cub Scout Pack, Queens, NY
Elected into the Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouts)
1970 Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 159, Queens, NY
Graduate Ski School - Zermatt, Switzerland
1971 Exhibited winning science project for 2 weeks at the New York World's Fair Hall of Science.
Received Presidential Achievement Award for Science.
Received Scientific Achievement Plaque from NASA together with a piece of microfilm that was taken on the Moon and personally signed by astronaut Alan Bean.
Receives Science Grant from the American Institute City of New York.
1972 Management: Lafayette Radio Electronics, NY.
Member - Central Queens Radio Patrol.
1973 Owner/Founder: "Spring Glen Penny Arcade".
1974 Head Technician - "AAA Amusements".
1975-1980 Owner/Founder: "A1 Vending & Amusements".
1976-1982 Stage Manager: Pines Resort Hotel, S. Fallsburg, NY
(Produced over 5000 Live Shows starring Milton Berle, Red Buttons, Florence Henderson, Jerry Lewis, Alan King, Frankie Avalon, Maurice Hines, etc).
1977-1979 Special Education Instructor, NY
till present
Owner/Founder: "High-Tech Productions" 
Videotaped over 3500 live events, conferences, TV shows. Also duplicate video tapes, CD/DVD's for Fortune 500 companies, US Military, CNN, Gateway, IBM, etc.
Designed & installed numerous multi-million dollar sound, lighting & video systems in nite clubs, resorts, auditoriums, disco's, museums, theaters, etc.
Designed & supervised installation on over 100 security & surveillance systems in stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Technical Advisor for 100's of live stage shows, pageants, conventions, concerts, etc.
1979 Technical Coordinator: Mountaindale Festival & Concert.
1980 Awarded Certificate of Appreciation -Lions Club, NY.
Official Videographer: Sullivan County Sheriffs Dept.
1981 Official Videographer: Sullivan County Fire Dept.
Awarded Certificate of Appreciation -Kiwanis Club, NY.
1982 Membership: Delaware Valley Arts Alliance
1983 Official Videographer: 83rd Infantry, US Army.
1984 Official Videographer: Empire State Triathlon, NY.
1985 Technical Advisor: 20th Anniversary Woodstock Concert.
Flight Training on Small Planes & Helicopters.
1987 Official Sponsor: Sullivan County Teen Pageant.
1991 Membership: Training Media Association.
1992 Membership: Video Dealers Software Association.
1994 Membership: Video Guild of America.
Opens State-of-the-art Video Duplication Studio in Boca Raton, Florida.
1995 Becomes Certified SCUBA Diver.
1999 Donates first of 22 "Science & Technology Centers" to the Boy Scouts of America and Public Schools Nationwide.
Donates new Trading Post & Science Center to the Ten Mile River (TMR) Scout Camp in Narrowsburg, NY.
Creates: as a way to promote science research & education both locally and nationally. 
Lifetime Member of the Jack Kohler Campership Assoc.
2001 Elected to Board of Directors: NY Boy Scouts of America.
Ongoing Donations to: Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts of America, Boca Raton Children's Museum, Save the Children, Ronald McDonald House, American Red Cross, The March of Dimes, Chad Science Academy, Together Against Gangs, Barton Study Center.
Opens the first "Science & Technology Center" within a Florida Public School.
2002 Conducts radiation tests on analog & digital recording media after U.S. mail is irradiated against Anthrax. Results published on internet & reported by CNN, NBC, CBS, NBC, etc.
Sponsors school science project placed aboard NASA Space Shuttle (Columbia).
Donates multi-media system to the Boca Raton Children's Museum.
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden visits our Science & Technology Center at the Alpine Boy Scout Camp.
Donates 2 All-Electric Vehicles to Science Centers.
2003 Receives Personalized Greeting & Digital Picture directly from the ISS from Yuri Malenchenko (commander) International Space Station.
Acquires Exact Replica of Apollo 11 Space Suit and real MIR Space Station Window.
Participation in NASA's Deep Impact Mission.
Opens  "Science Centers" within public schools in Montana & New Jersey.
Elected to Board of Directors: Monmouth County Boy Scouts of America.
Elected as District Committee Member: South Florida Boy Scouts of America.
Donates Space Artifacts for Permanent Display to the US Astronaut Hall of Fame - Titusville, Florida.
Membership in: American Astronautical Society.
Loans Space Artifact Collection to South Florida Science Museum in West Palm Beach.
Loans Geode/Mineral Collection to Palm Beach Illustrated.
Donates Video Tapes & DVD's to TAG (Together Against Gangs) organization in Florida.
2004 Receives Personalized Greeting & Digital Picture from Gennady Padalka (commander) ISS.
Assists in getting Largest School Rocket Launched.
Loans Electric Car to Science-Fest, Fort Lauderdale.
Membership in Association of Amateur Scientists.
Plaque of Appreciation: Together Against Gangs (TAG).
Loans Space Artifact Collection to Museum of Discovery in Fort Lauderdale to be exhibited together with premiere of IMAX movie "Space Station 3D".
Donates 40 Geiger Counters to High School in Florida.
Loans U.S. Dept. of Energy "World's 1st All-Electric Vehicle" for Exhibit at National Energy Conference.
Donates Fully Equipped Science Center to School System located on Indian Reservation in Montana.
2005 Loans Space Artifact Collection to W Boca High School.
Judges Science Fair at Public School in South Florida and donates 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes.
Loans Electric Car to South Florida School for Exhibit.
Membership in National Space Society.
Membership in Space Frontier Foundation.
Membership in Academy of Model Aeronautics.
Membership in Gold Coast Radio Controllers Club.
Membership in Intl. Radio Controlled Helicopters Assoc.
Assists in original design work on All-Electric Vehicle for car manufacturer.
2006 Acquires World's Most Famous Robots: The "B9" Robot from "Lost in Space", "Robby the Robot" from "Forbidden Planet" & "R2D2" from Star Wars.
Donates Science Center to School in the Bahamas
Loans Robots to the South Florida Science Museum.
Donates Educational Supplies to Bahamas School System, British Virgin Islands.
Does Original Concepts and Design Work for Theaters & Museums.
Arranges for Bob May ("Lost in Space" Robot) to appear at Grand Opening of Robotics Exhibit at museum. 
Donates & Installs Underwater IR Video System into Fish and Alligator Tanks at South Florida Science Museum
Elected to Board of Directors: South Florida Science Museum, West Palm Beach, Florida.
Donates 24' fully equipped power boat to the Wayne Barton Study Center to be used for marine studies.
2007 Loans Space Artifacts to GWiz Science Museum.
Spearheads Electrical Conservation & Lighting Efficiency Changes to SFSM by Donating Florescent Light Bulbs and Energy Conserving LCD Monitors.
Arranges for June Lockhart ("Lost in Space", "Lassie, "Petticoat Junction", etc.) to appear at the South Florida Science Museum.
Designs, Donates & Installs large scale Solar Powered Outdoor Model Train System at Science Museum in Florida.
Selected to be on "Design & Exhibits" Committee for new 115,000 square foot, 60 Million Dollar Science Center.
Loans Robot Exhibit to Library System in Florida.
2008 Donates High Speed Wireless Wi-Fi System to Museum.
Selected to be on Planetarium Upgrade Committee.
Selected to be on Science Theater Upgrade Committee.
Project Manager for Submarine Restoration Project .
Conducts LED vs. Fluorescent Bulb Tests on Plants.
Conducts High Voltage Experiments (up to 1/2 million volts)
Allows Robot Collection to be used to promote future public space flight.
Loans Space Artifacts to Seminole Indian Tribe for Exhibit
Designs "World's Most Advanced All-Digital Full Dome Planetarium" for Science Museum.
Sponsors Free Halloween Haunted House/Dungeon.
Sponsors Free Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show.
Donates Air Dancer System to Science Museum.
2009 Loans Space Artifacts to Boynton Children's Museum.
Loans Space Artifacts to Boynton Beach City Library.
Loans Space Artifacts to La Habra Children's Museum.
Organizes Robotic Competitions in South Florida.
Holds free neighborhood July 4th Celebration, Bar-b-que & 1 1/2 hours fireworks show open to all.
Helps a Make-A-Wish" family's dream come true.
Our Robot Collection is declared to be the Largest in the World.
Works with the Robotis company in Seoul, Korea to bring new educational robots to the United States.
Loans Animatronic Halloween Characters to Boynton Beach Schoolhouse Museum
Holds Annual Halloween Sound, Light & Laser Show
Sponsors Free Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show.
2010 Loans part of Robot Collection to Sugar Sand Park Explorium
Loans Space Suits to West Palm Beach Waterfront Pavilion
Provides Twentieth Century Fox Studios with Space Models to be used in the movie "The Sitter".
Holds Annual Halloween Sound, Light & Laser Show
Loans Halloween Animatronics to the City of West Palm Beach
Loans Space Artifacts to Christa McAuliffe Middle School
Sponsors Free Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show.
2011 Elected to the Board of Directors of Science-A-Peel, Inc.
Designs Solar Powered Mass-Transportation System
Loans Halloween Animatronics to Sugar Sand Park
Rick Newman asked to Judge International Robot Competition
Loans Space Artifacts to Producers of Sci-fi Film "Ares 11" Halloween Featured in ROBOT Magazine
Makes Design Modifications to Production Robot "RoboPhilo"
Donates Broadcast Video & Lighting Equipment to Science-A-Peel
Donates Lighting & Audio Equipment to the Lake Worth Playhouse
Raises $2000.00 for "Make A Wish" via his Halloween Show 
Loans Famous TV & Movie Robots to Science Explorium
Holds Annual Halloween Sound, Light & Laser Show
Sponsors Annual Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show
2012 Holds Annual Halloween Sound, Light & Laser Show
Rick Suffers a Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm.
Sponsors Annual Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show
2013 Holds Annual Halloween Sound, Light & Laser Show
Redesigns Lights on Delray Beach 100' Tall XMas Tree
Designs Audio Module for the "Back to the Future" Car
Sponsors Annual Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show
2014 Holds Annual Halloween Sound, Light & Laser Show
Sponsors Annual Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show

Click Here for more information on
and Rick Newman's worldwide science endeavors. 

Click Here to see the other exciting things he has
done for the South Florida Science Museum

Over 300 newspaper/magazine articles and television
news stories have been done on Rick Newman and / High-Tech
(Boys Life, Parenting, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, Majic 102.7, etc.)

Read what the Press say's about us
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Open Your Eye's & Your Mind "My goal is to plant the seed
of learning by opening the eyes
and minds of children worldwide".
My purpose is to help bring new technologies to the youth of America.

Richard Newman exhibits at the
 New York Hall of Science-1971.
Richard Newman with Milton Berle during rehearsal
Richard Newman with
Milton Berle during rehearsal

Rick Newman with Frankie Avalon after the Show at the Pines Resort Hotel, NY Rick Newman with Florence Henderson after the show at the Pines Resort Hotel, NY Rick Newman with Kathy Lee Gifford after the show at the Pines Resort Hotel, NY
Rick w/Frankie Avalon Florence Henderson Kathy Lee Gifford
Click Here for a list of entertainers Rick has worked with.

  Out of this World Greeting:  In 2003 a unique, personalized photo was taken on the International Space Station and transmitted down to Earth especially for Rick Newman/
The photo was dedicated to the organization and presented by Commander Yuri Malenchenko.
Click Here to view this one-of-a kind picture taken aboard the orbiting International Space Station.

The sign that commander Malenchenko is holding says:

Click on photo to get a complete description and a high resolution picture.
From the ISS

Our items have been displayed at these Museums & Centers:
South Florida Science Museum in West Palm Beach
WPB, Florida
GWiz Science Museum in Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
Museum of Discovery & Science in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Waterfront Pavilion in West Palm Beach
Waterfront Pavilion
The Children's Museum in La Habra, CA The Children's Museum
at La Habra, California
Boyton Beach Public Library Boynton Beach
City Library
Children's Science Explorium at Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton, FL
Boca Raton, Florida
Boynton Beach Children's Museum & Learning Center
ScienceFest 2004
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Christa McAuliffe Middle School
Boynton Beach, Florida
We also have exhibits in Children's Centers, Schools
and in our own Science & Technology Centers

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