The Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School Rocket Launch
and conference celebrating "The Spirit of Colombia"
Held at the South Florida Science Museum West Palm Beach, Florida  8/28/04

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    The Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School, under the guidance of science teacher Barry Perlman, has done something truly extraordinary. Together, the students built and launched a sophisticated rocket, complete with onboard electronics, telemetry and a payload which carried several schools crystal growing experiments.
   The rocket was named "The Spirit of Columbia", and is the largest of it's type ever launched by a school in South Florida. At over 24 feet tall, it's bigger then a Patriot missile. 

(Picture courtesy Miami Herald)

   The 140 pound rocket was also equipped with a video transmitter which sent live pictures back to launch control in West Palm Beach.

    It was one foot in diameter and carried 22 experiments from students at the Pembroke Pines school as well as Crystal Lakes Middle School in Pompano Beach.

    Prior to the launch, an informational get-together and awards ceremony was held at the South Florida Science Museum.

   The rocket project was funded with a grant from the
Technological Research and Development Authority.
Technological Research and Development Authority participated in the event by loaning electrical power generating equipment to launch control and
also provided the museum with our Space Artifact Collection
for visitors & guests to see and explore.

     The rocket was constructed at the
High-Tech Productions Science & Technology Center
located within the Pembroke Pines Charter Middle school.

Here are some pictures from the gathering at the museum prior to the launch.

Rick Newman of with Michael Leinbach, NASA Shuttle Launch Director, Kennedy Space Ctr.

Honored guests and the students of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School that built the rocket.'s space suit collection at the museum in West Palm Beach, Florida

Mrs. Devarn Flowers, principal of the Pembroke Pines school along with Rick & Jeanne of

Honored guests and the students of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School that built the rocket.

Space artifact collection of
on display at the museum

More pictures of the actual launch coming soon.

Here are some Space & NASA Links

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Click Here
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at our Florida Headquarters

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