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Over the years Rick Newman / HighTechScience.org has made many contributions of time, funding, technical assistance, etc. to the South Florida Science Museum in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Below is a list of some of the items and assistance given.

Loans museum International Space Artifact Collection.
Arranges personal appearance for "Lost in Space's" June Lockhart
Loans museum Air-Dancer system for Submarine Dedication Ceremony.
Composes "Bat" sounds for museum exhibit.
Loans museum Life Size NASA EVA Suited Astronaut Figure.
Designs, donates and builds "Solar Express" outdoor train exhibit.
Provides museum with 4 bubble machines for science activities. 
Technical Advisor/Designer for museums new Planetarium Laserium System.
Loans museum professional smoke machine for Bat exhibit. 
Donates several CCTV cameras to museum.
Allows Museum to display rare Russian SOKOL Space Suit.
Arranges personal appearance for "Lost in Space's" Bob May
Project leader & main donor to refurbish museums Mini-submarine.
Loans museum World's First All-Electric Car.
Donates Bamboo Fencing to "Solar Express" outdoor railroad area.
Provides museum w/ large outdoor PA system for Submarine Dedication.
Donates DVD Duplication Services to museums public relations Dept.
Donates spare locomotive for the "Solar Express" outdoor train exhibit. 
Designs, donates & installs underwater "Fishy Cam" for museums main aquarium.
Technical Advisor for museums new security CCTV system.
Donates 2 digital state-of-the-art Weather Forecasting Systems and installation funding to museum.
Loans 8 Authentic Space Suits and display mannequins to museum.
Designs, donates & installs "Gator Cam" for museums baby alligator enclosure.
Donates two Park Benches for outdoor "Solar Express" Exhibit.
Loans museum Space Artifacts for Lunar Rock Dedication.
Donates museum-wide Wi-Fi System.
Loans museum Latest State-of-the-art Electric Car for display.
Donates Energy Efficient Lighting to museum.
Donates numerous energy efficient LCD monitors to museum.
Provides museum w/ PA System for "Solar Express" Grand Opening.
Redesigns museum Planetarium into a "Full Dome" System.
Donates new Computer to Museum Gift Shop.
Arranges & pays for Fishy & Gator Cam upgrade.
Loans museum the "World's Most Famous Robots" for robotic exhibit.
Donates Authentic Railroad Signage to "Solar Express" Exhibit.
Redesigns museum theater into an All-Digital, Hi-Def, Surround Sound venue.
Donates Monitor for "Fishy Cam" System.

Below are just a few of the many letters and
e-mails we have received from the museum.

  Thank you for being the neatest person to come along for the South Florida Science Museum in a LONG time. I'd also like to thank you for the loan of all the wonderful space artifacts. I especially want to thank you for the extra things supplied for the Aero-Space Week program.

Jim Rollings - Executive Director
South Florida Science Museum

 This is fantastic!  The sub looks amazing!  Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Thanks for putting in the time and effort. 

Glad the Solar Express is coming back online. 

Rhys Williams - Executive Chairman
South Florida Science Museum


   It went so well you’d think we planned it! Many thanks for all your efforts with the Sub and in the Dedication Ceremonies.

Another extremely positive reinforcement of who we are…

Charlie Hamilton - Executive Director
South Florida Science Museum

 Thank you Rick for your help, dedication and persistence.

Derek M. - VP Operations
South Florida Science Museum


   I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for the SFSM.

Janie Fogt - Board of Trustees


   That is wonderful news. Even without the press this is generating, taking a piece of science history which was rusting in our backyard and turning it back into something that “wows” visitors is truly admirable. As we continue progress forward in making the SFSM a destination here in South Florida, it’s wonderful to have a few quick-wins like this which tell the public that “something good is going on over there.”

   Your dedication and hard work are certainly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Daniel Cain - Exhibits Committee Chairman


What a wonderful job you have done.  The sub is a real plus for the Museum.

Nancy Myers - Board of Trustees


  Thank you for this donation – how wonderful! This will be a great addition to our IT equipment.

Rachael Docekal - VP of Institutional Advancement

RICK Newman & Co - Science Museum Board member

   You are on the ball and green and saving energy is what it is all about...carbon footprints, ect.

   Your ideas are most important........your robots walk and talk! Your trains run on the sun!

   A science museum with LEED certification the way to go.


Robert Gottlieb - Board of Trustees


   A word of thanks for all your help and generosity with the opening of Robotics. Bob May was a great addition to the program. I am told that the members preview was the best ever attended. We had more than 600 show up (a record).

   Again, Thanks for your support of the museum.

Bob Callahan - Executive Director
South Florida Science Museum

   You have outdone yourself. How can we thank you enough? I played with the (Solar Express) trains today and went bonkers! I love it and the whole world will love it. Thank you. Thank you.

Jim Rosebush - CEO Dekelboum Capital Campaign
South Florida Science Museum

We support many different organizations.
and make ongoing donations of funding and materials to:
Habitat for Humanity Special Olympics
Boca Raton Children's Museum
Save The Children Foundation Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House
American Red Cross TAG
(Together Against Gangs)
The March Of Dimes
The March of Dimes
Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts of America
United Cerebal Palsy The Chad Science Academy

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