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    We are providing each of the Science & Technology Centers with a complete,
state-of-the-art, Digital Weather Station. These systems can be easily hooked up and broadcast real-time weather reports on a School, Scout Camp, or Council's web site. 

Standard Weather Station System - (specifications subject to change)
Sample System (may vary from picture)

Anyone with internet access can now check on weather conditions at a specific school or camp and plan accordingly. It also allows the staff to have foul weather activities ready when needed. 

The Weather Merit Badge The weather systems can
also help scouts obtain
the Weather Merit Badge.
Click Here for Info

    The weather units give detailed information on temperature, humidity, wind speed & direction, barometric pressure, moon phase, sunrise & sunset times, wind chill factor, and many other readings. They also display current weather conditions and even makes accurate forecasts. Quick-view icons show the forecast at a glance — sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rain or snow, etc. They  come complete with sensors including a rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors and an anemometer — all in one integrated package.  Mount them in any convenient location using the included mounting hardware. 

Sample Display (may vary from picture)
Weather Station Control Console - (specifications subject to change)
The indoor weather console can:

  • Display graphs of the last 24 hours, days or months of highs and lows.
  • Has a 16-point compass which shows current and dominant wind direction and speed.
  • Forecast icons let you know whether to expect sun, part sun, clouds and rain, or snow.
  • You can set up alarms for multiple functions simultaneously.
  • Shows if barometric pressure is rising, falling or stable.
  • Internal barometer, temperature and humidity sensors for interior readings.
  • Daily rain display (or rain for current storm).
  • View monthly and yearly rainfall or rain rate.
  • Eight phases of the moon, from new to full.
  • Current time, day and date.
  • Fixed display area shows the most important weather variables at all times.

Weather Station Remote Sensor System - (specifications subject to change)

The outdoor weather station sensors includes:

  • Detachable anemometer for wind speed and direction; mount on it on a post or another vertical surface.
  • Rain collector with self-emptying tipping bucket for the ultimate in accuracy.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors.

Computer Software Shows all info at a glance.

Click Here to see the system in operation from our Florida Headquarters.

    Readily available computer software can be easily configured to show all information on screen and give very detailed logs of past conditions and trends. It also allows each school or camp to upload this information via the internet to give real-time weather conditions on a web site.

We are also proud members of the

We are also proud members of the "Weather Matrix" We are also proud members of the "Weather for You" network of Weather Reporting Stations.
We are also proud members of the "Virtual Weather Station Web Ring"

Weather Station
 Web Ring

NOAA Weather Radio

The weather system from our headquarters in South Florida
uploads Live information 24 hours a day to these agencies.
Click Here to see it in operation.


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Almost 99% of the items that are in the centers are paid for by High-Tech Productions, however, We Need Your Help.

Our goal is to plant the seed of learning. It's up to you to
help us continue this project and make it the best possible. 

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