Open Your Eye's & Your Mind We receive many e-mails and letters from Educators, Astronauts, Museums, Libraries, Children's Centers and Science Institutions from around the world.
Here are a few excerpts from those letters.

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Mr. Newman,

     Please know how appreciative we are of the (2013 Halloween & Christmas) events you have put together. We certainly know it is not an easy task and we are grateful to have people like you who are always thinking about our children.

 Again, thank you for all that you do.   All the best,

Nathalie Ramirez
Special Events Coordinator
Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida

Dear Mr. Newman,

   On behalf of the Lake Worth Playhouse I would like to thank you for your generous gift of 6 microphone tripods, 2 stage monitors and a DMX moving head light. Your commitment to support the performing arts in our community is sincerely appreciated.

HavreDe Hill - Education & Community Outreach Coordinator
Lake Worth Playhouse

Dear Mr. Newman,

   Thank you for hosting the 2010/2011 Holiday Sound, Light & Laser Show to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida. Your generosity will help make the new year brighter for courageous children in our local community. 

Cynthia Cortez - Senior Special Events Coordinator
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida

Hi Richard,

   You do a great job and great service for our community.  Blessings to you.

Susan Whelchel
Mayor City of Boca Raton

   I will try and stop by on Christmas Eve. And thank you for creating such a wonderful holiday display and using it to raise funds for "Make a Wish" Foundation. The true meaning of Christmas is alive and well at your home.........  the Miracle on 9th Avenue.

Susan Haynie,
Deputy Mayor City of Boca Raton

   We made it over to your house last weekend (for your Halloween show) and had a wonderful time. The music and timing circuits were awesome, really a wonderful show. Thanks again for putting on such a great show and for doing the fundraising for Make-a-Wish.

Tony S


  Thanks so much for providing the operating/instruction manuals for the various robots in your collection online. I have some of the robots, but because I bought them on the secondary market the manuals were not included. You have provided an invaluable service for people like myself.

Thanks again, Gary.

   The opening of the Space Science Gallery went really well!  Your suits look amazing- our visitors are really enjoying them. Thank you again for allowing us to borrow and display your wonderful collection! 

Christy Leonard
Curator of Collections & Traveling Exhibits
Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville, Florida

   Well Rick, I have to officially say….”you are too much”. Thank you for continually providing an energy and inspiration to help me focus on becoming better and better as a person. I really love to see what you do and I hope I can be a part of it someday in the near future. Merry Christmas to you and your wife.

Derek M.

   It was nice chatting with you today, lots of good stories. You're doing a lot of good for our community, and many others. Good Job! 
Best Regards, 

J. Holland 

Dear Rick,

    Today an 8 year old boy came to the museum with his mother specifically to see the Apollo exhibit. "Space is my Favorite!" he kept exclaiming. He was so excited to see the models and helmets and "real space parts"... you would have loved his enthusiasm.

   Thanks again for making this exhibit possible and sharing your passion with so many children and families!


Kelsey Johnson
Boynton Beach Children's Schoolhouse Museum

Dear Rick,

    I wanted to let you know what a huge hit your NASA collectibles have been at both the Boynton Beach City Library and the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum. Thank you so much for contacting me and for your willingness to share your collections with the children and families of our town.

All the best,

Janet DeVries, Archivist
Boynton Beach City Library

 This is fantastic!  The sub looks amazing!  Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for putting in the time and effort. Glad the Solar Express is coming back online. 

Rhys Williams - Executive Chairman
South Florida Science Museum


   I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for the SFSM.

Janie Fogt - Board of Trustees
South Florida Science Museum

   I just wanted you to know that this site has been a blessing.  I find myself returning to it for so many things.  Examples of my use are everything for Storytime (ages 0-5) and lesson ideas to my kids homework research.  I have used it for cub scouting and now for girl scouting.  As a non-paid volunteer in so many venues I am thankful for your site.

Thanks again for being free.

Mrs. Nora Mejia
Potterville, Michigan

 P.S. I'm a science nut.


   You have outdone yourself. How can we thank you enough? I played with the (Solar Express) trains today and went bonkers! I love it and the whole world will love it. Thank you. Thank you.

Jim Rosebush - CEO Dekelboum Capital Campaign
South Florida Science Museum


   A word of thanks for all your help and generosity with the opening of Robotics. Bob May was a great addition to the program. I am told that the members preview was the best ever attended. We had more than 600 show up (a record).

   Again, Thanks for your support of the museum.

Bob Callahan - Executive Director
South Florida Science Museum

Dear Mr. Newman,

    We would like to thank you very much for participating in the Saint Andrew's Energy Expo. It was very generous of you to share your electric car with us and allow us to have it on display throughout the day. The "Sparrow" was a big hit with our students and visitors. It generated much discussion, especially in the physical science classes. Your car certainly helped us to increase awareness of alternative energy sources and the need for them in the world today.

   Once again, thank you for your willingness to share your car and your time to help make the Energy Expo a success. 

Ann Marie Krejcarek - Pricipal
Saint Andrew's School-Boca Raton, FL


   That is wonderful news. Even without the press this is generating, taking a piece of science history which was rusting in our backyard and turning it back into something that “wows” visitors is truly admirable. As we continue progress forward in making the SFSM a destination here in South Florida, it’s wonderful to have a few quick-wins like this which tell the public that “something good is going on over there.”

   Your dedication and hard work are certainly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Dan Cain - Exhibits Committee Chairman
South Florida Science Museum

   I think you are doing a great service for the nation with your program, thank you.

Warm regards,
Millie Hughes-Fulford
NASA Astronaut Payload Specialist, STA-40 

  Thank you! Words cannot express what I am feeling now about your donations. On behalf of all the children that will enjoy the opportunity to get on the boat (that you gave us) thanks. You have unlocked so many doors for these kids.

Wayne Barton
Wayne Barton Study & Community Center, Boca Raton, FL

   I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for participating as a judge in our science fair and for your donation of prizes to the winners.

Pamela Propaca - Principal
Sandpiper Shores Elementary School, Boca Raton, FL

   I'm writing to thank you for your donation of 40 Geiger counters to our (schools) Science Department. Your donation will enable our students to conduct field tests for radioactivity and other experiments that they would not have had the opportunity to conduct. As you are probably aware, the level of school funding provides us with some monumental challenges, but through the generosity of individuals such as yourself, we are able to overcome these challenges and provide a richer environment for our students.

Francis P. Giblin - Principal
West Boca Raton Community High School

   It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to doing so again in the future. Thanks again! Let me know if there’s anything we can do for you.

Catherine Zimmerman
Broward County DPEP - Air Quality Division

   On behalf of the Chad Schools, I thank you for your donations of materials pertaining to the sciences. Your contributions are very much appreciated and will benefit our students in their studies of the world of science.

Sidney Jackson - Development Director
Chad School Foundation & Science Academy

RICK Newman & Co - Science Museum Board member

   You are on the ball and green and saving energy is what it is all about...carbon footprints, etc.

   Your ideas are most important........your robots walk and talk! Your trains run on the sun!

   A science museum with LEED certification the way to go.


Robert Gottlieb - Board of Trustees
South Florida Science Museum

    The Science Center looks great!  There are so many resources for the teachers. Thank you so very much.

Peg Fisher - Technology Coordinator
Poplar School District, Montana

   On behalf of the over 7,000 youth of the Daniel Boone Council (North Carolina) and the 5,000 additional campers we have during the summer, Thank you for your support.

J. Steven Taylor, Council Scout Executive and CEO
Daniel Boone Council, Boy Scouts of America, North Carolina

    Thank you for being the neatest person to come along for the South Florida Science Museum in a LONG time. I'd also like to thank you for the loan of all the wonderful space artifacts. I especially want to thank you for the extra things supplied for the Aero-Space Week program.

Jim Rollings - Executive Director
South Florida Science Museum

    I saw your space collection. It is amazing! Suits and gloves look very impressive on display.

Alex Kelebeeve
Ontario, Canada

  King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden visited Camp Alpine this past weekend and the reception for him was held at the Science & Technology center, he loved the area. Again, Thank you for all you are doing for the Boy Scouts of New York City.

Bob Madsen
Properties Manager
Greater New York Council, Boy Scouts of America

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks and to send you some pictures of the jet boat that you donated to the (Ten Mile River Scout) camp. Thanks again for all you do for Scouting!

Bob Madsen
Properties Manager
Greater New York Council, Boy Scouts of America

What a wonderful project you are doing! 

Amy Tapia
Community Involvement/Education Partnerships
Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico

    It has been an honor and a pleasure to meet up with a man like you who is so devoted to helping get technology and information out to young people. This has been fantastic and we have already started using some of the items you have sent to us like the collection of minerals. It will be used by a Geology Merit Badge Instructor at Merit Badge College.
    I send me best regards and appreciation to you.

Doug Lunsford - Director of Support Services
South Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America

   My colleagues and I in the Powerhouse Museum wish for you to have great success in your worthy endeavor. I wish you and the Boy Scouts every success in making your goals into a reality.

Sincerely yours,
Dr Jesse Shore - Senior Curator, Dept. of Sciences
Powerhouse Museum of Science - Sydney, Australia

    I think what you are doing for the Scouts is fantastic. Please continue your efforts. To help you, I am enclosing several pictures that you can put on display at your Science Centers.

Best wishes,
Edward Walsh

Johnson Space Center 

    On behalf of the students and faculty of City of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Your contribution will make our involvement with the Space Shuttle Program at NASA more enriching and beneficial for our science students.

Devarn Flowers - Principal

Pembroke Pines Middle School, Florida 

    I saw the weather station and storm detector you set up at the Science Center and they are really great!!!  The kids going for their weather badges this summer will have you to thank for some excellent equipment. I expect a record number of weather badges this year!!!

Thanks again,
D. Fiedler
Monmouth Council, NJ -  Boy Scouts of America

    Thank you for all you did for Camp Kunatah at Ten Mile River Scout Reservation. Your vision, energy, and resources brought about improvements that enhanced the Scouting Program. Again, thank you for all you have done for the youth of New York City.

Daniel Gasparo - Scout Executive
Greater New York Council of Boy Scouts

   Thank you for all of the materials you have been sending. We deeply appreciate your amazing support.

Gary A. Erlinger - Scouting Executive

Greater Western Reserve Council, Ohio

    Glad to hear of your Science Center and feel it's a great thing for the kids. Keep up all of your good work with the Scouts.

Very truly yours,
Michael, Karen, Peter & Stephen
Moran Center for the Sciences, EU

On behalf of the Circle Ten Council (Dallas, Texas), our Board and Staff, thank you for your generous gift to our council. Your generosity and commitment to our young people are truly appreciated.

Yours in Scouting,
Gene Stone - Scout Council Executive/CEO
Circle Ten Boy Scout Council, Texas

Thank you for your generous support. The youth of Northwest Pennsylvania are in for one exiting time at camp. Everyone had a great summer and again, thanks for the materials. We get items daily. Next summer our Theme for the Cub Scout Resident Camp is going to be "Space".

Steven Charboneau - Executive Director
French Creek Council BSA

     You will be glad to know that all your stuff has really made a big difference in our program!!!   We are having 2 star gazing nights a week and your telescope has really upped the interest in our astronomy program.

   Your weather stuff is in daily use by both the merit badge students
and for the camp itself. The storm warning detector went off just before a big thunderstorm last week so that was pretty slick.

   The nature staff is also thrilled with the bug collection, rocks
etc. and your computers are being used not only as computers but also as part of a packet radio station for the radio merit badge.

    Overall, we made so many improvements in science and technology programs that the shooting, sports and waterfront guys are complaining that we have better resources and are attracting more kids than they are!! 

    Things really are improved at Forestburg Scout Reservation and that is due in no small part to you.


Dave Fiedler
Monmouth Council, BSA - New Jersey

    If your efforts steer just a few Scouts into science careers and help others to better understand the world
around them, you will have accomplished much. With facilities like the ones you've shown, camp should be
a great learning experience.

Dr. Robert Winfree

    We would like to thank you again for the wonderful donations to the new "High-Tech Productions Camp Wisdom Science & Technology Center" to be located at our Camp Wisdom in Dallas. The equipment and the center will certainly be a popular and welcome addition to the educational programs and facilities we currently offer.

Bart Green - Program Director
Circle Ten Council, Texas

    Let me just say that I checked out your weather web page, and it is among the very best that I've seen. No doubt about it, I will use your information in the future. Congratulations on your hard work... it shows! If you're in contact with the Science & Technology Centers... Please pass along a sincere show of appreciation... and give my best to the Boy Scouts who helped make it possible. 

Brent Cameron
Channel 7 Weather

    I applaud your commitment to nurturing an interest in science in young people. 

R. Goodrich

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